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Blog posts for all episodes of the Agents of Innovation podcast can be found below, in reverse chronological order with the most recent episode at the top.

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Episode 63: Julio Gonzalez Strikes Down Taxes Like Lightning

Episode 62: Ravi Zacharias Answers His Call

Episode 61: DonorsTrust Helps Philanthropists Be More Strategic

Episode 60: George Seay Builds Upon a Texas Legacy

Episode 59: The Organic Rise of Rifle Paper Company

Episode 58: Isaac Morehouse is Back to Crash Your Career

Episode 57: Tune In to the Authentic Matt Brown

Episode 56: John Evans Rewrites The Takeaway

Episode 55: Andrew Leahey Takes Life by the Airwaves

Episode 54: Aakash Patel Elevates Tampa’s Swagger

Episode 53: Peter Rex Empowers Entrepreneurs Through Trustwork

Episode 52: J.B. Simmons Twists the Plot of His Career

Episode 51: Michael Gibson Lights the Paper Belt on Fire

Episode 50: Patrick Frank Talks Trash

Episode 49: Nathan Edmondson Brings Heroes to Life

Episode 48: Matt and Joe Build Strategic Digital Services Into An Agency “Of Record”

Episode 47: Matthew Fowler Invests in a Career in Music Over College

Episode 46: Sean Gross Gets Uncomfortable With a Purpose

Episode 45: Matt Thomas Brawls For A Cause

Episode 44: Stephen Limbaugh Plays Piano for America!

Episode 43: Georgia Pellegrini Goes Wild For Food

Episode 42: Florida Musician Nicholas Roberts Goes All In From Orlando

Episode 41: Connor Wilson Pulls Up The Bootstraps

Episode 40: John Morris Opens the World to Travelers With Disabilities

Episode 39: Spencer Pitman Gets Companies Ready For Transformation

Episode 38: Laura Johnson Never Misses An Opportunity to Celebrate Every Day

Episode 37: Tony Lucca Takes Steps Through Time

Episode 36: Zak Slayback Communicates Advice for The Rising Generation 

Episode 35: Joe Russo Building the Palm Beaches Into a Tech Hub

Episode 34: Elizabeth Avenue Station An Entrepreneurial Space for Creatives

Episode 33: K9s For Warriors Changing The Way We Take Care of Veterans with PTSD

Episode 32: Nick Gill Keeps His Options and His Dreams Alive

Episode 31: Hytch a Ride with Serial Entrepreneur Mark Cleveland

Episode 30: Jordy Searcy at the Intersection of Luck, Talent, and Hard Work

Episode 29: Michael Long Sails for The Future of Florida’s Kids

Episode 28: Matt Hires Fights a Ghost

Episode 27: Evan Marcus Delivers a Franchise, Dude

Episode 26: Career Builder John Crossman Balances Seasons of Life

Episode 25: Dan Lesniak: The HyperFast HyperLocal Real Estate Agent

Episode 24: Jason Harle Helps You Get As Fit As a Farmer

Episode 23: Steinhausers Offer Complementary Talents, Winning Strategies

Episode 22: Who We Play For Uses Telemedicine to Save Lives

Episode 21: The Currys on a Journey West of Here

Episode 20: Houston Keen Now Streaming For You

Episode 19: Matt Kabus Discovers Amper Music – and Himself

Episode 18: Smoot Carter Does Well By Doing Good

Episode 17: Sam Thacker Transitions His Talents

Episode 16: Steve Bierfeldt Coaches You To Live Smart

Episode 15: Radio Birds Learn to Fly

Episode 14: James Grant Prescribes a Healthy Dose of Disruption

Episode 13: JD Eicher Shifts Into Place

Episode 12: An Unconventional Habit Streak

Episode 11: Keith Ochwat Learns By Doing

Episode 10: Italian Skycar Takes Off In Florida

Episode 9: Melodime Plays Along Too

Episode 8: Darrian Freeman Gives Hoop Dreams Free Reign

Episode 7: Donald Hodgskin Never Forgets

Episode 6: Paul Pfau Connects With You

Episode 5: Innovating for the Common Defense

Episode 4: Finding Time on the Orange Line

Episode 3: Steve Everett Finds a Market

Episode 2: Living the Dream

Episode 1: Are You Willing to Fail in the Pursuit of Your Passion?